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Kleine opmerking: Ik ben op het moment druk aan het werk aan de nieuwe site. Ik wil de site echter niet helemaal offline halen, dus je kunt alles nog gewoon bekijken. Maar de werkzaamheden kunnen er wel voor zorgen dat sommige pagina's er een beetje raar uitzien. Het zal niet heel lang meer duren. Happy

Everyone loves kissing under Mistletoe, especially Sims. As a holiday present from Maxis to the best fans anywhere, please enjoy this fun holiday download.

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Download Holiday Mistletoe (105 Kb)

TheSims team and the website will be taking a short break during the holidays. Updates will continue January 10th. Happy Holidays from Maxis!

St. Paul's Church was the site of the first German National Assembly in 1848. Download this building for your Sims today!

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Thanks to all the entered. We will post the winners when we come back from Christmas break!

The SimCity team and the website will be taking a short break during the holidays. Updates will continue January 8th. Happy Holidays from Maxis!

You have one week left to email us your design for the ultimate Santa's Workshop Details available in the contest area!

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The Sims Hot Date Object Organizer allows you to set objects created by The Sims Art Studio and other programs so they sort correctly in the catalog and are available for purchase Downtown. Happy Shopping!

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Download The Hot Date Object Organizer (624 Kb)

Now that you have the time off from work or school to play some games, how about designing the ultimate Santa's Workshop? Check out our latest contest!

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Have you seen the Hot Date TV commercial (see this news item if answer is NO)? If you have, then you should be familiar with these skins. 5 skins are include, 2 male, 3 female, and all of them ready for a Hot Date.

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Download The Hot Date TV Commercial Skins (442 Kb)

You can watch the commercial live on MTV, TBS, TNT and VH1 now through mid-December, or you can watch the commercial at anytime you want.

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